Children's Classes

Afternoon classes for children and teens, offered in the Fall and Winter/Spring, provide a unique opportunity to study art in a real studio environment with faculty who are working artists as well as teachers. A highly individualized program provides instructions in drawing, painting, sculpture, and mono-printing as well as multi-media techniques. We offer morning art camp for the summer and for February and April vacation.

Classes are small, and projects which students develop individually with teachers may be pursued over several weeks, encouraging an in-depth approach and intensity of experience. Young artists are encouraged to express their real and imaginary worlds in a climate where trust, self-confidence, and acceptance may grow. A balance is sought between preserving the child's natural creativity and providing the skills and discipline necessary for deeper expression to unfold.

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Pre-School Program

Exploration in Art for Tots

Collin Leech has crafted a program especially for pre-school artists/scientists/explorers With this age group, it's more about the process of making than about anything they will bring home. With this in mind, the class is an opportunity for them to get messy and experiment with lots of different ways of painting, print-making, collaging, and sculpting.

Enrichment for Pre-School Teachers

Recognizing an opportunity to reach more young children, RGS has developed an outreach-enrichment program for home-based preschoolers and their teachers. After consulting with the individual preschool program, and using a variety of materials (that are affordable or easy for teachers to make), Collin leads the children into an art project that can dovetail nicely with whatever the preschoolprogram is currently exploring. For example; weaving or paper mosaics can be a great way of exploring numbers and patterns. With a focus on the principles of open-ended art, we provide the teachers an opportunity to see how creative exploration can enhance their program as well as the experience of the children they serve. Visits to individual facilities will include helpful assessments, suggestions and a project with the kids. 

painting by Elias Martel, 14 yrs