Gallery Walk

Every month, a selection of artwork from the school's classes or instructors is shown in our gallery space, with an opening on Gallery Walk held yearly on the first Friday evening of the month. Our studios and gallery are seen by hundreds of visitors each month during this popular event. Visitors are able to see not only the results of the creative work of the students, but also the working environment. More Information on Brattleboro's Gallery Walk

Independent Study Exhibit

These artists meet bi-weekly to share works created both inside and outside RGS. Lively discussions and unconditional support are the key elements here – allowing artmakers to share joys, struggles, inspirations, aspirations, and experiments with process and materials. Whether these conversations lead to a deepening exploration or bold departure from what "is", they invariably foster artistic growth and a broadening sense of the "possible". New members are always welcome!

Exhibiting Artists: Cicely Carroll, Jillian Farwell, Carol Graham, Holly Landfried, Joan Lovell, Jennifer Meehl, and Isabel Murphy

Gallery Walk:
Friday, October 3rd 5:30 - 8:00 PM
Piece by Joan Lovell

Wish You Were Here: A Postcard Show

Join us for the opening of the first all-school Postcard Show and fundraiser at the River Gallery School on November 7th from 5:30 – 8:00 pm. Students in each class, and of all ages, have created 4x6" works of art to be sent out into the world as postcards. Come early, and bring your address book because each piece will be available to purchase and send that day. This constantly changing exhibit will be on view for the month of November, with new postcards being made and hung continually. While you're in the gallery, we invite you to sit down and make a postcard of your own to join the show. We hope you'll take this opportunity to send a piece of the River Gallery School to your friends and family. The sale of these works will benefit our scholarship fund, which enables everyone the chance to make art.

Outreach Exhibit

MelodyGatheringPlaceOutreachwebIn addition, will exhibit work from two of our outreach programs, Holton Home and The Gathering Place, in the second gallery. This is a group of people with a wide array of abilities, talents and life experience, and it is our great pleasure to be able to showcase their work here at the school.The Gathering Place provides adult daycare for families and their care givers, and Holton Home is a residential care facility. The classes are taught by Helen Schmidt.

Gallery Walk:
Friday, November 7th 5:30 - 8:00 PM




Ongoing Clothesline Exhibit

A rotating selection of art made by young students at the school is on view at The Works Bakery Café, 118 Main Street in Brattleboro.