Kim Hartman Colligan

6kim2Kim received her MFA in Printmaking from the University of South Dakota. She brings a dynamic and exciting curriculum in printmaking to River Gallery School. She has shown her work widely throughout both New England and the upper Midwest, and is included in many permanent collections.

Kim served as studio assistant and printmaker to the renowned colorfield painter Jules Olitski for several years.

kim hartman colligan-artKIM'S TEACHING PHILOSOPHY

There are three things I feel are important to share when teaching.

The first is to help the student see the difference between what is important and what is precious. Process is important. Nothing is precious. Every mark can be found again. Finding the confidence to erase and take risks is essential.

The second thing is to understand commitment to one’s work. Once commitment is understood the making can begin.

The third is to help a student find his or her own voice.

As a teacher I can help guide a student in understanding the formal language which is the structure of art. I can provide resources which will engage a student and provide other avenues for exploration. I can show process and technique.

As an artist I can share my experience and my personal understanding behind making art. I can create a dialogue for a student to build discussion and begin creating a frame of reference in which to better understand their relationship to their own work. Visit Kim's Website

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