Marta Bernbaum

35martaFor the last few years Marta has been an artist in transition. Once having the time and space to study lines with intention and the meditational aspect of both glass and enamel painting. She has transitioned to motherhood and finding that in the brief precious time that she has to create, her process is more varied and unpredictable.

She is a collector of techniques and enjoys both Borosilicate and soft glasses. Her glass work had begun with furnace work at Massachusetts college of art and now have added the skill diversity of working at the torch. Having a love and knowledge of the material in such varied ways has supported her in her teaching endeavors. She aims to have something in her repertoire that could suit any student’s style or fancy. Her work has often had tones of adaptive inquiry from the early botanical references to the more recent self-transformative Japanese blessings and on to the next leg of her transition. 

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