20ailyn hoeyGrowing up in rural Vermont, Hoey spent many hours exploring its woods, river banks and beaver ponds. Hoey has always liked to create with her hands and started painting and drawing as a child. Gradually, she began to create art more full-time, developing her current focus: landscapes in charcoal.

The terrains that inspire Hoey provide solitude. They are often remote, rugged, and unspoiled. She has spent time creating art on Great Cranberry Island, Maine, in west Texas, southern Florida, and in Vermont.

Hoey has been awarded several residencies, first in the Everglades National Park and then in Big Cypress National Preserve. During these residencies, she fell in love with the ecosystem and was inspired to move to southern Florida for a year, to further immerse herself in the environment. Most recently she spent three weeks as artist-in-residence on the Cape Cod National Seashore.

Hoey has exhibited in New England as well as in Texas and Florida. Currently she is represented by Islesford Artists, in Islesford, Maine, The Hunter Gallery in Grafton, Vermont and Water Music Art Gallery in Chester, Vermont.

“Deeply reflective, intensely contemplative and resoundingly moody, her art is also a mirror of her sense of beauty and passion for the world around her.”
- Mark Green, Roots & Wings, Editor

“…they are purely naturalistic depictions which yet contain a mystically symbolic quality equal to what one might find in the very best purely abstract works.  This combination which she has mastered of exquisitely precise depiction of nature with profound symbolic expression is intensely moving and extraordinarily effective.” 
-Christopher Faris, Manchester Journal

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