38JackieAbramsJackie has been a fiber artist for over 40 years, using and adapting well-practiced basket-making skills. Her materials include silk and cotton fabrics, archival paper, wire, sand, thread, buttons, encaustic wax, and acrylic paints and mediums. She works intuitively, the colors and textures of the materials informing the vessels she creates.

These vessels often refer to women’s bodies as containers of shared experiences and individual stories, which shape and hold the content of their lives. They speak of the importance of the women in her life, of their strengths and sorrows, their growth and joys. More recent vessels are faceted, created to hold our important invisible things: dreams, thoughts, ideas, wishes.

Her craft-development work with women in Africa has had a profound influence on her art and on her life. She has learned to simplify, to let the forms and the materials speak for themselves.

She collaborates with each piece as it develops, allowing a dialogue to emerge. Each of my vessels can stand alone or be joined with others in support and unity, as a community of “women.” As with actual women, each one has a story to share, a role in the world.

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