Intro to Encaustics

Intro to Encaustics

Start Date:
16. October 2017
Finish date:
6. November 2017
160.00 USD
Jennifer Wiechers


Try a little taste of this unusual art medium.  Explore this beautiful ancient art form of painting with hot (melted) wax, the creative possibilities are endless.  Encaustic is an ancient, versatile medium that allows the artist to build painterly surfaces very quickly. Wax layers can be built up or carved into to create complex surfaces, making it the perfect medium for embedding collage elements. Learn the basics, from an introduction to the types of surfaces that are appropriate, to hands-on instruction in fusing, preparing a smooth or textured surface, incising, mark making, embedding paper or other materials, image transfers and more. Bring your own panels, all other materials provided. 

4 Classes
Monday  6–8:30pm

encaustic walter slowinski

Encaustic by Walter Slowinski

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