Sunday Painting Studio

Sunday Painting Studio

Start Date:
Nov 7, 2021
Finish date:
Feb 13, 2022
60.00 USD
Upstairs Studios
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Mary Giammarino


Painting Studio on Sundays with Mary Giammarino

"If your color is right your values are right " Charles Hawthorne 

In this course we will approach painting as a way to study and train our eye to see the big spots (color, value and mass). In this way we deal less with drawing.  We concentrate more with color, value and the relationship of one spot next to the other. We look from the center of the mass outward. We see this by squinting to see the overall value and color and to eliminate detail. 
" When an object you have before you , a tree a house a field or whatever. Merely think , here is a a square of blue , here is an oblong of Pink , a streak of yellow and paint it just as it looks to you , the  exact color and shape until it appears as your own naive impression  of the scene before you" Claude Monet

13 classes

Sunday  10 am  – 1 pm        Drop in fee: $60 per class

(no class 11/28, 12/26, 1/2)

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