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Relief Printmaking

Relief Printmaking

Start Date:
11. January 2018
Finish date:
25. January 2018
145.00 USD
Ms. Leigh Niland


Monotype is a painterly way into printmaking that welcomes the complete beginner. At the same time, as it is capable of so many formats, monotype is a method that captivates even the most experienced artist throughout their career. In this class, you’ll learn how to use a printing press, mix your own glorious color with RGS’s non-toxic Akua and Akua-Kolor inks. You can explore your imagery ideas by employing monotype techniques in line drawing, addition, and subtraction, masking and texturizing in workstation format. Printmaking in any method is a great way to turn your life drawings, sketches or photos into a truly original work of art. Monotype is a fast track to arriving at vivid, collector’s quality work that can flesh out an exhibition or a serve as a rehearsal that can yield unexpected and astonishing results. Please bring imagery such as sketches or photographs to base your explorations on; you'll be amazed at where you can take them.

3 Classes

Thursday 12 noon – 3 pm