Pigment to Paint and Silverpoint

Pigment to Paint and Silverpoint

Start Date:
8. January 2018
Finish date:
29. January 2018
112.00 USD
Lauren Watrous


Silverpoint or metal-point tools were traditional for drawing before graphite pencils came into use. Unlike graphite, metal-point is only visible on certain surfaces, so we will learn about the traditional ground used and we will prepare our own paper using a contemporary medium which works well with the silverpoint, watercolor, and gouache combination (gouache is opaque watercolor). The watercolor and gouache will be ground on a stone with a Muller, a traditional glass hand-grinding tool that helps refine the dry pigment while combining it with the wet medium to create paint.

Once we have made our paint, drawing tool, and paper, we will observe the attributes of each media and learn a few basic techniques.  Try your hand at this fun process - you can attend one session or more - drop in rate is $35. and scholarships are available. 

4 classes

Monday 6 – 8 pm

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