Local Faces: Portrait Sessions

This series is capturing more and more of the wonderful Brattleboro (and beyond) community that we love each week. These ongoing life-drawing/painting drop-in sessions are a great opportunity for artists to delve deep into a long pose portrait with a new model every time.

Leigh Niland and Eric Cutler work together to organize these sessions and create a casual and friendly atmosphere of camaraderie between area artists and local community member models. 

Exhibits of the resulting portraits happen regularly at the school and in 2018, Curator Lisa Mendelsund brought a collection of the work to 118 Gallery in Brattleboro for the exhibit WHO WE ARE, PORTRAITS OF BRATTLEBORO.

Models volunteer their time to sit for the 2.5 hour experience with breaks. These sessions do not include instruction. Please contact us if your are interested in modeling or joining the group as an artist:  802-257-1577 or email

Visit the class listing page for more information about the schedule and to sign up.



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