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Course TitleStart DateFinish dateLocationPrice*
Art Mentoring 1:1  NewNot SpecifiedNot SpecifiedOnline80.00 USD
Adult Studio Monday (1)Dec 14, 2020Jan 25, 2021Online120.00 USD
Adult Studio Friday (1)Dec 18, 2020Jan 29, 2021Online120.00 USD
Natural Inks from your Backyard and KitchenJan 4, 2021May 31, 2021Online55.00 USD
Painting Color into Winter (Tuesday)  NewJan 5, 2021Feb 9, 2021Online150.00 USD Full
Painting Color into Winter (Wednesday)  NewJan 6, 2021Feb 10, 2021Online150.00 USD Full
Kitchen Table Drawing  NewJan 11, 2021Feb 15, 2021Online145.00 USD
Ripping & Snipping in a New Year Jan 13, 2021Feb 3, 2021Not Specified100.00 USD
Portrait Painting in Acrylics  NewJan 14, 2021Feb 11, 2021Online150.00 USD
Inner Landscapes  NewJan 15, 2021May 14, 2021Online150.00 USD
Meditation and Art Kit of Supplies  NewJan 18, 2021Jan 29, 2021Online40.00 USD
Adult Studio Monday (2)Feb 1, 2021Apr 26, 2021Online240.00 USD
Adult Studio Friday (2)Feb 5, 2021Apr 30, 2021Online240.00 USD
Meditation and Art Online 2021Feb 5, 2021Mar 12, 2021Onlinefree
Watercolor Birch Trees for Beginner'sFeb 14, 2021Feb 21, 2021Online135.00 USD Full
Watercolor Birch Trees Again and Again  NewFeb 21, 2021Feb 21, 2021Online70.00 USD
Kitchen Table Drawing (2)Feb 22, 2021Apr 5, 2021Online145.00 USD
*VAT excl.