Fantasy Art- Digital Art-making

Fantasy Art- Digital Art-making

Start Date:
Oct 7, 2021
Finish date:
Nov 18, 2021
145.00 USD
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Ms. RGS Staff


Fantasy Art – Digital Art-making with Ben Marder   

Do you have an active imagination, and have you wondered about how to bring this world to life through the arts? In this class, we will focus on just that. By bringing our imagined world into reality we will also be honing our drawing and painting skills while using the app Infinite Painter. There are many tools inside the app, Infinite Painter that can aid in your digital design process. Consider joining this class no matter your skill level, especially if you want to learn more about digital artmaking. Things to consider before joining: Do you have a tablet (Android or Apple)? If so, do you have an accompanying stylus? I can also recommend one.If you would prefer to use other software for this class, that is also fine but I will be teaching using the app Infinite Painter. (Please download and purchase Infinite Painter for $10 before you join the class).

7 classes

Thursday    3:30 – 5 pm




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