Lynn Zimmerman

Lynn Zimmerman is a graphic designer, illustrator, and photo stylist by trade as well as a compulsive maker of things. From an early age, Lynn has investigated many different art and craft forms. Working with paper, paint, clay, fabric and fibers, cardboard, wood, metal, recycled materials, and objects gathered from nature — no art material is safe from her use and experimentation.

Lynn studied drawing at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art in Philadelphia and has a BA in Fine Art and Education. She began studying classical realism and oil painting in 2001. After moving back to New Hampshire in 2005, she continued those studies for a few years before joining classes at the River Gallery School. Further education in color theory, egg tempera, watercolor, and bookbinding were obtained from study in workshops with various artists in the northeast, through practice, and while teaching friends and neighbors.

Code Course Title Start Date Finish date
Artful Book/Pastepaper/Watercolor Package 10. Mar 2018 12. May 2018
Exploring Watercolor - Friday 9. Feb 2018 11. May 2018
Exploring Watercolor - Tuesday 6. Feb 2018 8. May 2018
Intro To Watercolor 27. Feb 2018 3. Apr 2018
Painting with Watercolor 12. May 2018 12. May 2018
Paste Paper: Books, Cards, Boxes 14. Apr 2018 14. Apr 2018
The Artful Book: Watercolor Painting & Bookbinding 10. Mar 2018 10. Mar 2018