August 1, 2020

The Art Lottery Where Everyone Wins!


RGS is ready to move ahead with Off the Wall 2020 Online!
We’re living in an unusual time, so we’ve devised an unusual version of the event. Yes, we miss the excitement of the live event at 118 Elliot, but our main purpose is to get the wonderful artwork, all donated by area artists, HOME to all of you.
Thanks for your patience and understanding.
This is an important fundraiser to support the inclusive art programming at RGS, and we truly appreciate your support. 
How To Play Online:
A few tickets are still available at $125 each. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will arrange it.
1. View all 100 pieces of art:
- Click a thumbnail below and scroll through the images. Watch the video to see the ART on the wall.
- You can also see the ART in person on the walls of Main St. Studio
 2. Fill out your wish list
Participants have been emailed a Pre-loaded Spreadsheet called "OTW Wish List Spreadsheet.csv". Open it with Excel, Google Sheets, Numbers, or any spreadsheet application (you can also find the spreadsheet at the bottom of this page). Use column C to rank your choices. If it helps, you can use the "Sort" function to help you organize as you go. Once you have completed the list you can select "File" then “Save As” or "Save" and rename and the file with your name and return it to us via email. If you're not comfortable using spreadsheets, you can print out the attached PDF list, fill it out by hand, and either email us a photo of it or return it to us by mail at 32 Main Street Brattleboro, Vermont 05353.
Please remember that your lottery number secures your place in the draw. To get the best chance of receiving an item you want, you should rank all of the art by entering your ranking on the spreadsheet or PDF. If you choose not to rank some of the art, you will be assigned a piece at random if your choices are no longer available when your number is drawn. You can also choose to rank your lower choice items in groups (e.g. you could write the numbers 50, 60, 70, 80, and 90 next to ten pieces each).

All lists must be received at RGS by Friday, July 24th 

Unfortunately, late submissions cannot be honored to give us enough time to process all the lists.

3. Stay tuned


The tumbler will roll to determine the order, and on August 1st we’ll contact all players with the good news of what you won!


You will be able to pick up your new ready to hang art on Sunday, August 2nd between 11 am and 2 pm, 

or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make other arrangements.


Video of Framed Paintings on the Wall



Alphabetical Grid of Paintings

**Some image thumbnails are warped-- please click on the image to see a more realistic view. 



Click Here to Download The Wish List

Click the link above and then in the "File" menu, select "Download" and choose an editable format. Comma-Separated Values documents can be opened in any spreadsheet applications (If you have an iPad, you can use Numbers)


A huge THANK YOU to our generous artist community

who make this event a success

and to all of you for your understanding and patience as we figure this all out!