September 2017

New Works in Cardboard  by Art Costa

Throughout my experience as a visual artist, I have drawn inspiration from examining other cultural imagery as a point of departure. Seeing an abstract construction by an artist from Africa offered new directions free of the expectations of my own culture. This was clearly illustrated for me when I spent three days exploring the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, Spain in the early ‘70’s. Picasso used this method to create some of his most unique works. He was also famous for using “non-art” materials to construct many of his sculptures. Since my childhood, I have always loved making something out of cast off materials, like the box in which the appliance was shipped. So, it logically follows that this body of work is primarily made of cardboard. For the new floor figures, I chose to avoid making a preliminary sketch, as I often do, and allowed the forms to grow as I cut shapes from refrigerator boxes supplied by Cocoplum Appliance (they got me through many public school workshops). Entering my studio each day with this freedom from plans is a process of exploration, not always successful, but most often interesting.