Gratitude through Word and Image Series

Start Date:
Aug 7, 2020
Finish date:
Aug 21, 2020
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Jess Weitz


Why choose? We can use our words and art images to create beauty and carve out time for self-reflection together! We will explore feelings of fear and gratitude as we watch how words can inspire art, the ways words and images naturally play together to help bring us to the truth of our experience, and simple bookmaking to invite these two elements together. 

The whole series includes a month of art activity:

 August 7,  10 – 11am  --  Poetry: Call and Response - We will use poetry prompts to help us explore gratitude and the unknown from which you are invited to create an artistic response with collage materials. 

August 14,  10 – 11am  -- Art Journaling - Begin the experience of art journaling which combines artistic expression with emotional reflection in a fluid dance with each other. We will work from personal prompts to begin a daily art journaling practice with watercolors and pens.   

August 21,   10 – 11am  -- Simple Bookmaking - We will play with simple book making techniques to create small book art expressions that weave together painting with a written message of meaning to ourselves or others. 

This class will meet 3 Friday mornings live online for support and sharing but otherwise will be self-guided. All levels welcome. The live classes will be held online using Zoom, and using a private online class home base and YouTube videos between classes.

For this workshop series, you will be sent an Art Kit from River Gallery School with most of the materials you need for the class. We do suggest purchasing a Strathmore 500 series Mixed Media Art Journal for class #2.


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