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Intro to Classical Painting

Intro to Classical Painting

Start Date:
1. August 2017
Finish date:
3. August 2017
360.00 USD
Cat Nunn


A three-day workshop designed to introduce traditional oil painting techniques to those who have been curious but hesitant to embark on the journey. Drawing and painting is a teachable skill that everyone can learn--like creative writing or playing piano. We take a measured, structured approach that will enable even first time painters to progress with confidence. All materials except for canvas will be supplied. (There will also be the option of purchasing a gessoed panel from the instructor for $12) . Maximum of six students.

Day 1 :The first two hours will consist of a painting demonstration in monochrome along with a discussion of basic principles of drawing, values and edges. After the lunch break, students will work on their own monochrome underpainting from a still life set up.

DAY 2: A short demonstration of working in color over your monochrome underpainting along with a discussion of basic color theory. Students will spend the remainder of the day either fine tuning their monochrome underpainting or--if they're ready--working in color.

DAY 3: Students spend the entire day working in color on their paintings. At the end of the day, you will have a painting to be proud of!

Tues, Weds, Thurs, 10am–4pm

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