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Sewing a Basic Garment

Sewing a Basic Garment

Start Date:
11. February 2018
Finish date:
11. February 2018
65.00 USD
Ms. Robyn Weisel


Come to the first-ever garment making class at River Gallery School of Art. Together we will explore basic construction of simple shirt #1 from Sonya Phillips of "100 Acts of Sewing" (www.100actsofsewing.com).  Learn to a sew a simple garment to add to your wardrobe just in time for spring! Sewing is not only satisfying, but gives your creative spirit an outlet using a sewing machine and fiber in new and artistic ways. "Making clothing is a conscious choice; it is an investment of time over convenience. The creation of a functional garment engenders self-sufficiency and happiness. Since it is perilous to compare what one makes to the immutable perfection of store-bought, in sewing for oneself it is the work itself, and the recognition of flaws and gradual achievement of better skills as part of that work, that produces satisfaction." Sonya Phillips

Sunday,  1 – 5 pm