Waterbase Monotype with Gum Arabic

Waterbase Monotype with Gum Arabic

Start Date:
Aug 18, 2018
Finish date:
Aug 19, 2018
280.00 USD


Teacher: Lisa Mackie, Master Printmaker NYC

Create a series of water-based monotypes during this 2-day intensive workshop. Bring your drawings, collages, prints, photo ideas –or plan to work extemporaneously–to the first class. We will explore the possibilities of working with water-based inks, markers, and crayons. Using a thin Gum Arabic coating on a slightly frosted transparent surface the image can be painted or rolled from light to dark or dark to light. Create exotic reticulating washes and resists. Often, by staying with the same plate and reactivating the ghost image, amazing second pulls will result. Discover new personal imagery in unexpected progressions. So much info will be presented that will inform your future prints – enjoy! This workshop will fulfill beginners to advanced printmakers, Ages 16+.

Saturday + Sunday    10 am - 5 pm

 Lisa Mackie Cicada middle state

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