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Oct 26, 2019
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Oct 27, 2019
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with Bob Jude Ferrante

Many milions of people today follow, love, and read comics. Between superhero comics from the big publishers, romance and funny comics, underground and independent, Japanese manga, and daily strips, comics are everywhere. So what is a comic? And how can we produce them, as artists and creators? A comic is more than the abstraction of visual form into what people call “cartoons.” The art of comics combines abstractions of the visual with a cinematic love for the scripted. Unlike many other forms of art, a comic tells a story and has a direct and intentional line of communication. This practical, hands-on two-day workshop gives you perspective on the art and craft of comics; provides an overview of the comic creation method — from script to layout to pencils to inks; and recommends practical ways to keep you moving on your comics journey. Beginners can use the workshop to create a new comic product of your own. Experienced comic practitioners can use the event ton inspire a new work or even a change of direction. It can be a place where we can share, discuss, and review works in progress, and find a support for our work. If you’re interested in this workshop, note that we are not setting pre-requisites or focusing on drawing technique (since there are so many possible backgrounds, styles and techniques) but more on the ability of a comic artist to tell a clear story, in a clear and delineated style that expresses. We will produce three forms of comic story: a single-panel, a short strip, and a full page.

2 sesssions

Saturday + Sunday     10 am - 4 pm

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