Screen-printing Encaustics

Screen-printing Encaustics

Start Date:
Aug 8, 2020
Finish date:
Aug 9, 2020
200.00 USD
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Jennifer Wiechers


Turn your photographic imagery into a photo silkscreen, from which you can print on a myriad of surfaces such as paper, wood, and fabric. In this two day workshop, you’ll create a silkscreen stencil that is yours to keep and you’ll learn how to print from it. On day 2 of this workshop, you’ll be able to paint with encaustic paints (hot melted colored wax) over your screen prints to create dynamic color affects.

Encaustic painting affords the ability to embed objects and layer textures, and when combining it with screen printing, the possibilities are endless.

10am – 3pm 

GillianEncausticworking Jen WiechersGillianEncaustic Jen Wiechers

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