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Jun 7, 2020
65.00 USD
Front and Back Studios


A new approach to painting developed at River Gallery School by Ric Campman, Sequencing is a way for both beginners and more experienced art makers to enter the process of painting at a deep and direct level. It takes out of that process some of the traditional impediments to creative energy. We are attempting to build into our working process a way to interrupt destructive patterns of thinking.Sequencing quickly identifies important elements in our creative work, momentarily suspends part of our thought process, and allows us to begin work without the burdens of self-doubt, memory, and desire. It helps to free us from the idea that quality artwork is wholly dependent on technique. Specifically, it emphasizes metaphor, color, light, the horizon, the physical encounter with the paint, and of course awareness and its counterpart, looking. It offers the opportunity to suspend many of our prejudices and to reformulate and deepen our processes of art making.

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"Sequencing is a way for both novice and experienced art-makers to enter the process of painting. We use our hands, no brushes, and allow the magic to happen. It's a very satisfying and visceral approach to art making." — Lydia Thomson

Sunday,   1 - 4 pm  Helen Schmidt

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