Helen Schmidt

Helen has worked at the River Gallery School for the past twenty years, where she is currently the Director of the Children’s Program. She also teaches sculpture, printmaking and adult studio classes. She studied painting, printmaking and sculpture at Lacoste School for the Arts in Lacoste France, and received her B.A. in printmaking and sociology from Sarah Lawrence College in 1989. She received her MFA in sculpture from Vermont College of Art in 1997. She is interested in the power art has to effect personal and social change, and before moving to Vermont worked as a housing advocate for homeless women in New York City. In Vermont she co-directed Expresso, and expressive arts program for at risk young women, and worked as a legal advocate for victims of domestic violence and taught art classes for incarcerated women. She has exhibited her work throughout New England, and has taught art at Hilltop Montessori, the Putney School and the Community College of Vermont.   www.helenmschimdt.com

Code Course Title Start Date Finish date
Adult Studio Friday 12. Jan 2018 2. Feb 2018
Child Studio - Friday 22. Sep 2017 18. Jan 2019
Child Studio - Monday 18. Sep 2017 22. Jan 2018
Child Studio - Thursday 21. Sep 2017 17. Jan 2019
Child Studio - Thursday 8. Feb 2018 31. May 2018
Collagraph Printmaking 10. Jan 2018 31. Jan 2018
Printmaking Studio - Wednesday 28. Feb 2018 9. May 2018
Teen Studio 20. Sep 2017 17. Jan 2018
Teen Studio 7. Feb 2018 30. May 2018
Teen Studio - Wednesday 20. Sep 2017 17. Jan 2018