The outreach program at River Gallery School offers two weekly classes at the Brattleboro Senior Center for anyone interested in pursuing the pleasure of oil painting, whether for the first time or resuming an interest from an earlier time in life. Classes begin with an introduction to Sequencing, a technique developed by Ric Campman of the River Gallery School. This approach begins with direct experience of painting with your fingers that encourages fearless and joyful exploration of visual expression. Participants then follow paths that go in many different directions, generating excitement, pleasure and humor among the artists as they share their struggles and results.

Similar meetings take place bi-monthly at The Gathering Place, an adult day health program, and monthly at the Thompson House Nursing Home. These classes offer art making to individuals whose physical and mental challenges exclude participation in classes at the school. Some participants have suffered strokes and use the opportunity to find new ways to express themselves in color and form; others struggle with memory loss that requires a flexible teaching approach and the presence of skilled staff in a familiar setting. The pleasure of creative work appears to encourage participants to explore and learn in the company of others in a friendly atmosphere.

RGS is committed to the senior center program offering 2 very popular classes per week at the Gibson Aiken Center with teacher Marilyn Allen. Click the image below for a slide show of the Stone Soup Painters Exhibit.

Stone Soup Painters 2010