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is a vibrant hub for Brattleboro’s artistic community, with bright, spacious studios on Main Street overlooking the Whetstone Brook. Founded in 1976, RGS offers classes, community workshops, and summer and school vacation programs for students of all ages.  Our core faculty members are all professional working artists, and teach a wide range of visual media including all types of painting, drawing, printmaking, and encaustics. RGS also partners with community organizations to offer classes to seniors and adults with physical and cognitive challenges.

Office Hours: Mon. - Fri. 9 am to 5 pm 

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Seminar on the Philosophy of Sequencing

Sequencing Teacher Training

Thursday evening, May 31st through Sunday afternoon, June 3rd

We want to share the Sequencing approach to painting, and we want it to be shared well, and as completely as possible. Thus we have developed a Teacher Training Program. 

The intention is to offer a deeper immersion into the Sequencing approach, to explore and discuss the underlying concepts and philosophy, to share the things we have learned and observed over the years, as well as to deal with the nuts and bolts of presenting a workshop.

Depending on your experience, and how comfortable you are with presenting, you may be ready to  present workshops after this training, or you may want to take it again as some people do, or take other Sequencing workshops. 

Sample Schedule

Typically the training takes place over a long weekend (Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon).

Thursday evening: Sequencing class for participants, slanted toward awareness of the roles of both the student and of the teacher

Friday afternoon: group discussion of underlying ideas, and specifics of the Sequencing approach

Saturday mid-day: continuation of the discussion, practice presentations, and beginning of more concrete discussion around presenting a workshop to a group

Sunday morning: preparation, and then a workshop presented to an invited outside group by one member of the class, with support of the whole group, followed by a short recap and helpful evaluation during our clean-up


We have a Creative Commons agreement: Credit should be given to River Gallery School and Ric Campman whenever Sequencing is presented. A voluntary honorarium (e.g 10% of gross profits) could be donated to RGS when appropriate. We also ask that workshops not be presented within a 50 mile radius of River Gallery School without prior permission. 


Depending on availability, out-of-towners may be able to stay at The Empty Center at Deer Ridge Farm in Townshend for the workshop duration.

RGS is next door to the Latchis Hotel in downtown Brattleboro.

Please contact us at 802-257-1577 if you are interested in attending a training session.  Online registration coming soon.