Outreach Program


Outreach includes Art for Social Change, the Senior Art Program and the Ability Art Program.


Art for Social Change Fall 2020


Thursdays 3:30 - 4:30pm, Youth Sketch Club, Boys and Girls Club, through November 2020.

Fridays 1-4pm, Open Studio to generate social justice art for public paste ups, 32 Main Street Studio, until October 3, 2020.

Fridays 5pm - 6:30pm, Solidarity Rally Art Table, Pliny Park, Brattleboro, until October 3, 2020.


All Programs are free of charge - Please check back for future offerings.

All these programs are generously supported by The Clowes Fund, The Wolf Kahn and Emily Mason Foundation, The Vermont Community Foundation, The Windham Foundation, The Ben & Jerry's Foundation and The Anne Slade Frey Fund.




Senior Outreach Program

In addition, RGS offers an ongoing Outreach Program for Seniors. Faculty member Marilyn Allen offers one class per week for anyone interested in pursuing the pleasure of oil painting, whether for the first time or resuming an interest from an earlier time in life.


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Classes begin with an introduction to Sequencing, a technique developed by Ric Campman of the River Gallery School. This approach begins with direct experience of painting with your fingers that encourages fearless and joyful exploration of visual expression. Participants then follow paths that go in many different directions, generating excitement, pleasure and humor among the artists as they share their struggles and results.


For information on our Ability Art Program please go to: