Visual artist, teacher and author, Ric encouraged the creativity of both children and adults at River Gallery School in Brattleboro since 1976, where he worked with great joy in his painting studio overlooking the Connecticut River.

"A SIMPLE WAY OF UNDERSTANDING ART MAKING is to consider a 3-part system with one part being science or objective reality, another part being religion or spirit of our subjective reality, and the third part, the process of art-making, standing in the middle between the other two.  This middle way is the core of what we address as artists- the meeting of our inner and outer worlds.  Art is the embodied projection of our subjectivity as we respond to objectivity.  Art making is an activity that enriches our world and is a tool in our recognition that reality is fluid and changeable.  

Creativity emerges out of the fullness of the present moment.  We need to witness our present as completely as possible and so must acknowledge that there is much we do not know.  Not knowing is an important part of what we all are.

Aspiration toward what we care about and love must occur in the midst of our teeming moment.  I'm drawn to the Buddhist view of understanding our lives as being full of suffering.  I also believe that our condition as a species contains joy and that as we overcome difficult feelings and false views, great joy is part of our basic nature." Ric Campman

Making is Knowing by Ric Campman