Tuition Assistance / Installment Payments

River Galley School will work with individuals on installment plans, individual scholarship, and work-trade options. RGS Board and Staff work to ensure that anyone who wishes may attend classes can, regardless of financial situation. Please contact the office for more information.

The Need:

For all of our students, but especially for our adults, making art takes courage. At River Gallery School, we provide the opportunity for each student to start the journey of self-discovery through art—to make that first mark on the canvas—and then we support them through each mark, dab, and stroke that follows. Art is a way to understand ourselves and others in a way that will always be meaningful and important. Art programs in schools are losing funding. This is something we all hear, and yet, what is the impact? Why is art important for young people? Art is the place where we start the bold and wonderful adventure (artventure?) of getting our minds inside and around the world we live in. For children, it often starts as a purely joyful experience, but as they grow older and go deeper, they learn to ask and answer a fundamental and lifelong question:


Art for young people is important because the joy of making something personal and meaningful is a conduit for critical thinking, systems thinking, creative solutions and a whole host of understandings and skills which will define the people they will grow to be. We understand the value of math and science. But we believe it’s a mistake to value them more than the affirmation and growth that is intrinsic in art making. RGS needs your support to maintain children’s opportunities to express their joys, and build their futures, through the making of art. River Gallery School intends to be there to support everyone who takes on the challenge and joy of making art. It is your support which provides us the means to take on our own new challenges and joys in this intention.

Help us to change lives. Help us to grow community. Help us to make art. DONATE NOW ~ Thank you.