Natural Inks from your Backyard and Kitchen (2)

Start Date:
Jun 29, 2020
Finish date:
Sep 28, 2020
55.00 USD
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Jess Weitz


Natural Inks from your Backyard and Kitchen

This class will introduce students to the exciting world of making handmade inks. This creative learning experience combines artistry with science and environmentalism as we discover how different natural items transform from living matter into art ink. Students will learn how to make their own, unique inks from a variety of materials and then use them in creating small paintings.

Self-guided series available June 29th through August, with an optional field and forest foraging date in Sunday, July 19th in Marlboro, VT.

Cost - $50


Materials list:

Foraged natural materials

White vinegar

Gum Arabic (we can send you some if needed)

Small glass jars


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IMG 4499


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