Digital Painting from the Ground Up

Digital Painting from the Ground Up

Start Date:
Oct 8, 2021
Finish date:
Nov 12, 2021
170.00 USD
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Digital Painting from the Ground Up  with Ben Marder

Digital Painting can inform your creative process, by allowing you the freedom to make mistakes and take risks with your art process. I have found digital arts to be very freeing in this way. In this class, we will learn to use the app Infinite Painter. We will explore how to use its realistic toothbrushes and other toolsets. If you have ever wanted to learn how to make digital art, this is a great app to begin with because it is very intuitive. As we explore the app we will look at artist sculptures to prompt our image-making. Looking at a sculpture we can explore how light and color go hand and hand and how color affects our sense of space and form. You will be encouraged to explore this understanding in a way that makes sense to you. Any skill level is welcome from beginner up.Things to consider before joining: Do you have a tablet (Android or Apple)? If so, do you have an accompanying stylus? I can also recommend one. If you would prefer to use other software for this class, that is also fine but I will be teaching using the app Infinite Painter. (Please download and purchase Infinite Painter for $10 before you join the class).

6 classes

Friday    1 – 3 pm

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Massachusetts-based artist and writer, Ben Marder, brings creative visions to life while also exploring how art creates community. He has been teaching art in community settings since 2012. A graduate of The Rhode Island School of Design, Ben uses his painting and drawing to bring thoughtful intention to imaginary worlds. His favorite medium is mixed media and he also utilizes digital arts. Ben’s illustrations seek to offer an emotional understanding to more formal narrative works. He has written and illustrated his first children’s book Little Eddaling, inspired by his love for the natural world. He is also a proud member of, The Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. He is also currently working as a freelance illustrator at eLife Sciences and UpWork. His illustrations have been published in such places as Nature & Current Opinion in Neurobiology.

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