Mixed Media Printmaking without a Press

Mixed Media Printmaking without a Press

Start Date:
Oct 16, 2021
Finish date:
Nov 20, 2021
150.00 USD
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Kim Hartman Colligan


Have fun making prints with Kim online; discover and practice many ways of mark-making and explore color exercises, all without a printing press. Each participant will be instructed on how to make a blank accordion book to fill with your work from week to week so you'll have a personal record of the various processes.  You'll be responsible for getting your own materials and supplies, based on a provided list. If you are local, don't hesitate to inquire about borrowing tools or supplies.  Tuition assistance is availble, inquire with Donna in the office - 802-157-1577 or office@rivergalleryschool.org .
5 classes   
Saturday   9 – 11 am   Drop in fee $45 per day   (no class on Saturday 11/6)
We have created a list of recommended supplies at Blick Art Suppy - BlickUniversity Art Supplies for Printmaking. Other art supply places might carry these supplies as well.
The R&Fs are expensive but so worth it. If you have another brand of oil sticks and would like to try them it’s absolutely fine. If you have questions about any of the materials please fire off an email to me.

Setting up your work space:

Any table will do…cover in newsprint or newspaper or cut up brown paper shopping bags. Have lots of rags handy. They can be old cotton t-shirts or sheets cut up (cotton is best) or even paper towels. We will use the rags while we are working for the skin on the R&F pigment sticks, wiping brayers between colors and cleaning the plexi glass plate.

It’s helpful to have a trash near you as you can remove inky messy items so they don’t get tracked around your house.

Substitutions are fine we just need it to work. So if you are already using an ink or oil; I will do my best to help you adapt it to what we will be working on.

Printmaking supplies:


Baren (if you don’t have a baren you can use a hockey puck or wooden spoon)

R+F pigment sticks 

Paper, Stonehenge printmaking 

Stabilo pencil(s)

Watercolor set if you have one (can be an inexpensive kid set)

Crayons (inexpensive kid set)

Additional Supplies not included in Blick University supply list

paper scraps to be used for cutting stencils---different thicknesses

wall paper with a raised texture

textures (such as bubble wrap, doilies, packaging/netting on produce such as onions etc)

Parchment Paper - highly recommend Smart Take parchment sheets available on Amazon. This particular brand is great because it comes in sheets; not on a roll making it easier to use.

glue stick

rags (lots of them)

paper to protect table top

plexi glass surface for mixing R+F - several pieces different sizes to use when inking shapes.

Pencils ( a range of H to B is great----an ebony if you have one)


Exacto Knife or box cutter or blade

Straight edge for tearing paper

waste basket

warm water and soap on rags for clean up at the end. If you prefer to use a spray cleaner (windex or something along those lines….it’s fine. Whatever works.)

kim hartman colligan art

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