The sunny day was mine while I was here


I am just so proud to be even tangentially connected to an organization that can provide this level of workshops. I’m just so happy to part of this. It’s touching


What is a weekly art class to a child trapped in poverty?
This child learns that at the River Gallery School,
her impressions and choices matter to others,
she does not have to shrink back, or put on her amour.
Especially if she is young, the child gradually replaces limiting beliefs
about the world and overcomes the poverty of her mind.

-A mentor in the Big Sister, Little Sister Program
at Brattleboro Youth Services.

As a grandmother coming in a little early to pick up my 5-year old granddaughter,
I overheard a 7-year old little girl ask another as they both worked on their paintings,
“Do you like Monet? I like Monet, most of his paintings are very happy.”
And then I was blessed to have a few minutes to paint with my granddaughter.
We all left the studio smiling ear to ear.


My girls always look forward to art school and get totally immersed in their work.
All the daily worries melt away and they just create freely. Barbara’s insights,
gentle guidance, and sensitivity help them develop richly.

Thank you for the wonderful experience that will enrich their lives.


Christie T.


I come to RGS to engage
my playful side and celebrate
the world of color and texture.
The “fun” quotient at RGS
is high, and the studios are
full of light.

– Muriel Winter Wolf
RGS student, Fiction Writer and
Hospice Bereavement Counselor