To Whom it May Concern,

As a member of Oil Painting For Seniors with Marilyn I'm able to pursue a creative endeavor which would not otherwise be affordable.

Marilyn instructs with non-judgemental input while allowing individual expression and encouraging new expanding interests.

It is so important for seniors to remain active and vital. Marilyn brings this to our painting class. She provides he relaxed atmosphere that helps beginners like me be comfortable and confident to continue improving my skills.

Liz Davis

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To Whom it May Concern,

Marilyn Allen from the River Gallery School has been leading the Senior Center art class in sequencing and oil painting. It has been an exciting experience for all of us who attend on a weekly basis. Everyone is welcomed regardless of previous art experiences. We are encouraged to share our feelings and frustrations and to give and to take advice from our peers as well as from our instructor. Each week we arrive with renewed enthusiasm to work on a piece in progress or on something new. We see the progress made by our fellow classmates as well as in ourselves. We are elated - truly thrilled - whenever Marilyn holds up a completed work of one of us for all to see. This is such a positive way for all of us seniors to grow in our artistic endeavors and to add fulfillment to our lives.

Let's keep this class going!

Marya Koskoris

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To Whom it May Concern:

In the yrs we were raising our five children, I was always interested and admiring of friends who painted.

For the last few yrs. I have been fortunate to be able to attend the oil painting classes at the senior center. Our instructor has been Marilyn Allen, and how fortunate we are.

I'm eighty and aware I'll not be Grandma Moses however this class is great pleasure therapy and a booster of morale, all brought about by Marilyn. 

With thanks,

Mary Tyler

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To Whom if May Concern,

Being a member of Marilyn Allen's oil painting class at the Senior Center has been a stimulating, fun, and inspiring experience on many levels.

As far back as I can remember, I have been attracted to painting but stayed away because I doubted my abilities. Under Marilyn's guidance, I have become a fearless artist. I have learned how to paint something, stand back to look at it, let the painting tell me where it wants to go, and how fulfilling painting can be.

For me, doing art is magically nourishing and I would like to find ways to make this experience accessible to more people. Marilyn's work is a model for this because of her respect for all students and her sincere devotion to their having a good experience. 

When we are all at work at the Senior Center, the room is filled with a wonderful spirit of camaraderie and serious concentration.


Judy Zemel

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To Whom it May Concern,

I came to Marilyn Allen's painting class at the recommendation of a friend who was already in attendance. I come from home with two older siblings who were very accomplished in the area of drawing, sketching and painting. I didn't appear to have the eye or the ability to make the eye-hand connection. I just thought painting wasn't my thing. Painting or anything connected to it was not something with I was comfortable. Now I look forward to Tuesday mornings. I am not afraid to paint. I feel free to express myself using the sequencing techniques Marilyn has taught me. Every class is a new experience. I feel now that painting is becoming more and more a part of you life. I am looking at my surroundings differently. This time has been very stressful as I am looking for work as well and I also feel this has helped me distress. I many ways this has been a God send. If you have any further question for me please feel free to contact me using the phone numbers above.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan J. Ferency


AIDS Project of Southern Vermont Newsletter

Interview by Cindy Hutcheson


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