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"I’ve always thought of oil paints as serious business. The things that go with them are flammable and seem complicated, and the artists I’ve met who use them can sometimes be a little esoteric.  But Kimberly brought them to me in a gorgeously simple, uncomplicated and metaphorical way.  Truthfully, I have absolutely no desire to ever dip a paint brush into oil paints but I can tell you that I have already ordered a beginner’s set so that I can get my fingers right back into them.  Thank you, Kimberly."

James, D. Monday #42: A Sequence of Events. Dar's 52 Mondays Blog, [blog] 06/13/2011



An update on Sequencing at New Urban Arts: I can't tell you what an amazing experience it's been (and continues to be) for the NUA community, and for me personally, to have Sequencing as part of our practice. I find myself thinking of you and Ric (and the larger community at RGS) often....grateful for the wonderful gift you've passed along to us.

It has become one of the more consistent practices in the studio. On the days we paint together (maybe once a week) different students wander over to join in, and lately, staff and mentors too. We might paint together for an hour or two. We share palettes, sit around a big table together and talk (a lot!) while we paint. What I love, is that even though the set-up is quite different from RGS (I'm usually introducing the approach on the fly while various people move in and out of the activity) all the important things still come through. Students who say they "can't paint" (or have never tried) find out that they can. Those whose artistic practices are rigid and methodical, loosen up. And even the most reluctant and/or cynical of participants, find themselves surprised by the process...and what they're capable of.

Jane Androski, Providence, R.I.

"In a sense, finding you all saved me in a certain way. I often ignore my need to create art, and when I do am worse off for it. Finding the River Gallery School and especially Sequencing (like so many, I NEVER thought I would paint!) was such an inspiration - for my Mom too."

"I feel great about giving people the experience of sinking down into themselves - getting in touch with their own creativity and taking risks."

"Sequencing was, by far, the highlight of my summer.  Thank you so much.  Honestly and sincerely thank you. Just a magical time that i know i will reflect on when i need some clarity."

"I have two very positive Sequencing stories to tell you all:

I had the good fortune of teaching Sequencing to Interfaith Hospitality Network guests at my church. My students included a 17 yr-old boy and three young single moms, all of whom have no home. Each week they move into a different church, and attend school or job training during the day. They loved every minute of the workshop and didn't want to stop (even though their babies were crawling around and wanted to paint too)! The young man asked if I could please come back and help him put together a portfolio because he loves to draw, but is not allowed to take art in his high school.  How heartbreaking is that?  Although their current living situations are unstable at best, together we were able to experience those few moments of joy brought to reality by Sequencing.
Secondly, two days ago, I was able to teach Sequencing to a woman, who suffers from Transverse Myelitis, and her mom (whom I have known for a long time).  Her mind is 100%, but her rare neurological illness has caused her to become a quadriplegic over the last six years. Through therapy, she has learned to use her left hand to operate her wheel chair, use a fork, open a door, etc. I was skeptical about teaching her, because I didn't want her to become frustrated and not enjoy the experience.  her paintings were free-flowing and uninhibited. They both loved it (and they didn't want to use rubber gloves).  We spent three fabulous hours together, and they both did two Sequences. She commented that she wished her therapy center offered art because it provides instant gratification compared to the long slow progress (or lack of it) with physical therapy.
There you have it. Thanks again Lydia (and Ric) for sharing the gift of Sequencing.
Peace and love to you all,
Chris Smith, New Jersey