The following items are available for purchase.  All proceeds go towards the RGS Scholarship Fund.  If you are interested, please stop by the school or call us at 802-257-1577.

Making is Knowing: An approach to creativity and art making from the River Gallery School  

This book discusses the way RGS approaches art, including a chapter on sequencing, which Ric Campman, a co-founder of the school, developed.  $45.        

Sequencing: An approach to art making developed at River Gallery School

by Ric Campman and Lydia Thomson  This book describes the process of sequencing, which is a technique that was invented by Ric Campman, one of the co-founders of the school.  $15.           

"Art is Like Food!" Apron 

For many people at RGS, art is as important as food.  We put this motto on aprons because aprons are used both in the creation of art and in the preparation of food.  Machine-wash cotton aprons, one size fits all.  $15. 

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