Workshop for Caregivers: Sequencing (Oil Painting)

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Aug 6, 2019
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Aug 6, 2019
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Jennifer Wiechers


Through generous funding by the Kahn-Mason Foundation and the Thomas Thompson Trust, River Gallery School is reaching out to area caregivers to offer free art workshops for people who spend so much of their time and energy caring for someone who depends on them.

Recognizing the love and attention that caregivers bring to their charges, and wishing in a small way to recharge your (probably depleted) batteries, RGS is offering these free workshops. The processes in each workshop are simple and direct, do not require an art background or special skills, and are designed to be relaxing and fun, as well as creative.

Our hope is that sharing time, art-making, and perhaps conversation and connection, will offer an afternoon of creative joy!

With a full spectrum of lush oil colors and their hands as tools, painters will work on a series of small cards, using repetitive motions to build atmospheric seascapes.

Sequencing is an approach to painting developed by Ric Campman at RGS. It’s a way for both absolute novice and experienced art-makers to enter the process of painting at a deep and direct level. The intent is to keep the connection between the eye, the hand and the painting as intuitive and non-intellectual as possible.

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"Sequencing is a way for both novice and experienced art-makers to enter the process of painting. We use our hands, no brushes, and allow the magic to happen. It's a very satisfying and visceral approach to art making." — Lydia Thomson

Tuesday  5 – 8 pm 



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