Printing from a Xerox Copy

Start Date:
Aug 15, 2019
Finish date:
Aug 16, 2019
240.00 USD
Main Street Studio
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Lisa Mackie


Teacher: Lisa Mackie, Master Printmaker NYC

Printing from a Xerox Copy is a straightforward and immediate technique that uses photo process. Artists select their images and print them as a black and white Xerox or Laser Copies. Using the principals of Lithography, the image copy is first dampened with water and then rolled with an oil based ink of any color. The images are printed on an etching press. A range of different papers or fabrics can be used. Translucent colors may be overlapped and blended to achieve a combination of photo and and abstract effects. Other print techniques including monotype, and painterly materials, even encaustics, work well with printing from Xerox copies. Enrollees will receive a materials list, and prices for materials that can be purchased from Lisa Mackie.

Thurs. + Fri  10 am - 4 pm

Printing from a Xerox Copy Paper Lithography Lisa Mackie

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