OTW fbOFF THE WALL - Art Lottery

Everyone Wins!

Saturday, March 11, 2017     5 - 8 PM

at 118 Elliot Street, Brattleboro

Local artists and collectors donate artwork for this fun event; some are from well-known artists, others not-so-famous but wonderful nonetheless.

Every participating ticket holder will leave with a gem of a painting, drawing, or print valued at least $100.

Participants choose a numbered ping pong ball to place in the tumbler. Come on time to preview the many beautiful works and make your list of favorites while you enjoy refreshments and conversation.

Excitement builds as the giant tumbler starts to spin at 6:15. When your number is picked, you select your 

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painting from those still available and literally take it Off The Wall.

The art can be previewed below and at Gallery 34 on Main Street.
Keep checking as new art arrives right up to the night of the event.

$100 for lottery tickets, $25 for guest tickets.
We sold out last year, so buy tickets online early to ensure you get to take part.

All proceeds benefit RGS’s community oriented art programming.

Thank you to everyone who donated and participated! 

Off The Wall 2017

Thank you to our generous community of artists who have donated these pieces. Please visit the artists' websites and galleries below:

Jackie Abrams

Marilyn Allen

Tim Allen

Bobbi Angell

Simi Berman

Bill Botzow

Patricia Burleson

Maggie Cahoon

Kay Curtis

Ginger Ertz

Basha Freudenberg

Mary Giammarino

Michaela Harlow

Orly Hasbani

Julia Jensen

Mallory Lake

Steven Lloyd

Joan Lovell

Petria Mitchell

Briony Morrow-Cribbs

Christopher Myott

Catherine Nunn

Janet Picard



Leonard Ragouzeos

Sarah Rice

Harry Saxman

Cameron Schmitz

Deidre Scherer

Margaret Shipman

Ross Smart

Kate Spencer

Daryl Storrs

Lydia Thomson

Rodrica Tilley