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Start Date:
Jan 18, 2020
Finish date:
Jan 18, 2020
25.00 USD
Not Specified


Saturday   1 – 4 pm  WILL RESCHEDULE

The harmonograph is a mechanical device that employs pendulums to create a geometric image. The machine is the about size of a card table and looks like a kinetic sculpture that makes its own art. The drawings created are complex, abstract, encapsulate movement, and have the illusion of 3-dimensions. As the designs emerge observers find the motion to be mesmerizing and hypnotic.

This workshop will explore the history, design, and science behind the motion of the harmonograph. We will demonstrate a multitude of ways to operate the machine and how to create various designs. There will be a variety of pens and paper available for students to experiment with to create their own designs.

Harmonograph workshop objectives:

• Explore the origins of the machine, parts required, assembly, and discuss the science and forces at work.

• Demonstrate the movements required to make an interesting design.

• Experiment with different pens, paper, and other materials and technology that can be used with the machine.

• Students create their own drawings on harmonographs and other drawing machines.